The Countdown has Started
{29 days to go}

Only 29 days to go until I will open my etsy-shop. There you will find some of my chalk pastel paintings as well as offers for lettering works on comission. Just remember, all my chalk pastels are single pieces and I do no prints. So, if you are in love with one of my works get it quickly.


Chalk Pastels of the Week

Some of my recent chalk pastel paintings:

Feel free to pin and share my chalk pastels, however please acknowledge @ArtsyElis and link to my website or webshop.

Hello August

A new month always means new challenges, too. For august I decided to take the following four (!!) lettering challenges

I really hope that I can keep up with all of them. Tell me, which challenges are you taking in august or are you already planning september challenges?

Which colours do you prefer for august? I’ve decided for different shades of blue and green. What do you think?

Colours of the Month: August 2017

Recent Posts in my Blog


Being happy with the imperfect

Hey friend,

Being happy does not mean that everything is perfect but that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.

this is really a positive message, don’t you think? I can achieve happiness despite all my imperfections. Wow!

But this quote also raises some questions to me. I have the feeling that nowadays many people are striving for happiness. Why is that? Happiness wasn’t so much of a need in the past decades, was it? Maybe I was just to young to notice and adults have ever been struggeling for happiness, but my personal impression is that the search for happiness is a phenomenom of the present time. Does that mean we are all unhappy? Are we less happy than people were in the past? Or is it a matter of self-fulfillment?  Why is it so difficult and how can we finally become happy? That’s probably the question most people like to have an answer. Let’s see what my mind is coming up with …

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