My first Handlettering

Happiness is not so much in having as in sharing. We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give.(Norman MacEwan)

This is one of my first waterbrush lettered quotes, if not the very first one, actually. It dates back to mid june, I can’t tell exactly. It’s so inspiring, I love that quote. There is so much truth in it. Aren’t we all craving for happiness? Aren’t we all accumulating possessions, yearning for more? However, anything new will make us happy just for a short time. The good feeling will vanish and leave an unsavory aftertaste. Having isn’t making us truely and sustainedly happy. Yet we’re not getting tired of trying.

Glück entsteht nicht so sehr dadurch etwas zu besitzen sondern dadurch etwas zu teilen. Wir existieren von dem was wir erhalten, aber wir leben von dem was wir geben.

Though, it’s really so easy being happy. Just recall your feeling when you last looked at a baby’s smile or laugh. How did you feel? Didn’t you instantly smile and feel happy, pleased, and content? I do. Every time. It’s addicting.

Ok, looking at a baby’s face is nothing about giving though. Yet, giving will also make you happy, if you do it with intent. To my mind it’s more about contributing than giving. What can you do for somebody else or give to somebody else that will make his or her day better? And what’s your mindset about it? Are you giving something because you’re expected to, or are you giving and contributing because it’s your personal concern? As long as you give only becuase society expects you to contribute your share, in whatever way this may be, you’ll probably waiting for some kind of thanks. And you might even get annoyed if someone’s not saying “thank you”. However, when you start giving freely and from your heart, it won’t even matter if someone’s saying “thank you” or not. Happiness is derived from the process of giving itself.


So, why not make up your mind? Think about what you have to share or give, to make somebody’s day a little bit better and receive profound happiness in turn?

What can I give today? It may not seem much, but I think today it’s comfort that I have to give. A friend of mine just told me, he’s depressed because of the grey and rainy wether. He feels lonely and useless. This makes me sad. Nobody should ever feel useless. We are all here because we have something to share and something to give. Everybody is worth it, no matter what. If I can do or say anything that will make him feel just a little bit better, it will make me happy. So that’s my duty, today.

with hugs and an open heart,



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