Bearing the silence

When you can bear your own silence you are free. (Mooji)

Last night I was unable to fall asleep. I lay in bed awake. My thoughts were spinning in my head, constantly moving, keeping me restless. Usually practicing yoga nidra at night helps me to calm down and fall asleep. But yesterday it didn’t. So I got up again, and sat down for some lettering. Somehow this quote pulled my attention.

Silence. When did you experience true silence lately? Being by yourself, no music, no tv, no phone (yes!) and no job to do. Just you and the silence. Well for me this was – exactly – yesterday night. And I didn’t manage to bear it. My mind took the opportunity of non-business and non-distraction to take control and bother me with all that thoughts. I really felt unfree and uneasy, because I wanted to sleep. I was tired, hardly able to keep my eyes open, yet not sleeping.

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